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5 Star RatingMsten by Assault Labs is Ranked the Number 1 Mass Building Prohormone with a 5 Star Rating


Gained over 15lbs! Review by Phillip2
  Rating 5stars
I'm a beginner when it comes to this "stuff" but i was ready for an extra boost in my body/workouts. This product put on over 15 pounds of muscle for me! The only bad side about this product is i now have to literally buy a whole new wardrobe of dress pants and dress shirts. Nothing fits! haha seriously. it's crazy. Anywho, love the results and would highly recommend.
(Posted on 5/22/13)

Blew Up!! Review by Josh
  Rating 5stars
I have ran many cycles before both of pH and aas, I ran 16/24/24/24/24 my weight from 206lbs to 227 in 5 weeks. All my lifts went up. Reps of 315 for sets of 8 on bench squatting 500lbs. Amazing product with proper support. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 6/19/13)

What is Msten Extreme Mass Builder?

Msten Extreme Mass Builder is a highly effective Bulking Prohormone specifically engineered as a mass and strength building agent that will transform your physique.

Msten Contains 120 Caps of Methylstenbolone a bulking prohormone compound that does not convert to estrogen. Msten has no affinity to the progesterone receptor this means that estrogen related sides are almost non existent!
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What type of Benefits can you expect from Msten Extreme Mass Builder?

-Mass Gains

-Size Gains

-Harder & Fuller Muscles

-Strength Gains

Msten works by adding lean body mass gains and strength gains to your body. Msten improves your endurance in the gym significantly by reducing your recovery time. As a result you are able to lift more, push harder and get back in the gym faster to do more. All this equals REAL RESULTS!

Msten by Assault Labs Requires On Cycle due to its potency. Msten is extremely strong and effective, this strength can take a toll on your body. Using On Cycle Support will off set the harshness and sides associated with a prohormone cycle of this type. Msten also requires Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to assist in keeping your gains and boosting your testosterone levels back to the normal range.

Msten is the #1 Ranked Bulking Prohormone Get it now and Get Results ASAP!


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